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Science Fiction is a collection of material from various writers.  Listed below is a short biography of each of these individual contributors.  Where available the person's home page has been linked.

Russell Blackford

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was one of the founders of Australian Science Fiction Review (second series), has published one fantasy novel and several stories, and is a co-author of Strange Constellations: A History of Australian Science Fiction. He writes for Australian intellectual magazines such as Quadrant, and was co-editor of the special Aussiecon 3 Australian issue of Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction.


Caroline Flynn was born in Sydney before WW II, married at 18 and raised five sons, and studied Speculative Fiction with Doris Lessing and the language of science fiction at (now) Charles Sturt University (Bathurst, NSW).  She has returned to Australia after eight years of teaching conversational English in Japan.
Marian Foster came to Western Australia in the late sixties from England, after living in South Africa and New Zealand for short periods.  She has grown to prefer fantasy to science fiction, being addicted to Anne McCaffrey's work, and is interested in the particular voice of Australian speculative writing.

Richard Harland

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is the author of Superstructualism: The Philosophy of Structuralism and Post-Structuralism and Beyond Superstructualism. Once a Lecturer in the English Department at the University of Wollongong, he is now a full-time writer, known for his novels about the futuristic investigators Eddon and Vail - The Dark Edge, Taken by Force and Hidden from View - and his new children's fantasy - Ferren and the Angel.

Van Ikin

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is the editor/publisher of Science Fiction, a co-author of Strange Constellations: A History of Australian Science Fiction, and since 1984 has been the regular SF/Fantasy reviewer for the Sydney Morning Herald.
Lech Keller is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and the author of books on computer programming and on the effects of the current transformation in Central-Eastern Europe.  At present he is a PhD candidate at Monash University,  where he is finishing a dissertation on Stanislaw Lem as a political writer.

Helen Merrick

Home page

co-edited Women of Other Worlds with Tess Williams.  Among her research interests are the history of feminist sf criticism, the changing trends in feminist utopian visions and the dialogue between feminist theory and sf, especially in feminist critiques of science and technology.
Peter McNamara founded Aphelion Science Fiction Magazine (1985-87) and the Aphelion Publications (1990 - 97) together with Mariann McNamara.  With Margaret Winch he was co-editor of the Australian SF anthology Alien Shores (1994) and has for many years been a presenter on Adelaide radio's 5EBI FM "Science Fiction review" programme. Peter passed away in 2004 from a brain tumour.
Bruce Shaw holds a doctorate in Anthropology and is half-way through a second PhD thesis on the animal fable in pre-and SF, informed by Mikhail Bakhtin's concept of the carnivalesque.  He has taught Aboriginal history at the Notre Dame University Australia (in Fremantle) and conducted research for an Aboriginal land council.
Tess Williams author of Map of Power and Sea as Mirror, as well as many short stories and articles.
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