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  • "Late Night Thoughts on Reading Gene Wolfe's The Devil in the Forest" - Frank C. Bertrand
  • "Mirror on the Future City: William Gibson's Neuromancer" - Russell Blackford
  • "Books by Gene Wolfe: A Checklist: - Chris Nelson
  • "The Foreigner's Guide to Australian SF" - Van Ikin


  • John Varley's Millennium
  • A.E. Van Vogt's Null-a Three
  • Piers Anthony's Nightmare and Ogre, Ogre.
  • Peter Tremayne's Kiss of the Cobra
  • Roger Eldridge's The Fishers of Darksea
  • Lord Dunsany's The Charwoman's shadow
  • Geraldine Harris' Children of the Wind, The Dead Kingdom and The Seventh Gate
  • Nigel Frith's Asgard and Krishna
  • Robert Jordan's Conan the Defender and Conan the Invincible

Cover art by
Nick Stathopoulos

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