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  • "Analogues of Anomie: Lee Harding's novels" - by Russell Blackford
  • "Darkside" - Lorene Tell
  • "Visions" - Jean Weber


  • Gregory Benford's Great Sky River - review by George Turner
  • Beth Meacham's Terry's Universe - review by Lucy Sussex
  • Anne McCaffrey's Dragonsdawn - review by Marian Foster
  • Louise Cooper's Inferno - review by Richard Harland
  • Colin Greenland's Other voices - review by Ian Nichols
  • Brian Stableford's The Scientific Romance in Britain 1890-1950 - review by Bruce Gillespie
  • Michael Moorcock's Wizardry and Wild Romance: A Study of Epic Fantasy - review by Bruce Gillespie
  • Brian Aldiss' ... And the Lurid Glare of the Comet: Articles and Autobiography and Forgotten Life - review by Bruce Gillespie


Photo of Lee Harding
by Apollo Papps

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