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Volume 15, Number 1. Published 1998.


  • "From Sydney to Troy: An Interview with Simon Brown" - Interview by Steven Paulsen and Van Ikin
  • "The Meaning Behind the Tale: An Interview with Kate Forsyth" - Interview by Van Ikin


  • "The Winter Dialogue" - Peter McNamara and Van Ikin
  • "H.G. Wells and The Time Machine: Two Speculations" -  David Ormerod


  • "The Time Machine" - Caroline Flynn
  • "The Wish" - Kate Forsyth


  • Simon Brown's Winter and Privateer - review by Peter McNamara
  • Tad Williams' Otherworld - review by Marian Foster
  • Kate Forsyth's Dragonclaw, Isobelle Carmody's Darkfall & Sara Douglass' Sinner - review by Peter McNamara
  • Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy Vol.2 - review by Richard Harland
  • Pavel Wiegel's Stanislaw Lem: A Biography - review by Lech Keller
  • Sheri S. Tepper's Grass - review by Marianne de Courtenay
  • Lois McMaster Bujold's Komarr - review by Sylvia Kelso
  • Julian May's Perseus Spur - review by Marian Foster
  • Ian McDonald's Kirinya - review by Marianne de Courtenay

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