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Volume 2, Number 1. Publish 1979


  • "The Science in Science Fiction: Interview with Frank Bryning" - Interview by Van Ikin
  • "Timewinds: Interview with Dennis Collins & Mark Salwowski" - Interview by Terry Dowling and George Mannix


  • "What is Science Fiction? or Finding a lowest common denominator" - by Terry Dowling
  • "Kumashov's Campaign" - artwork by Michael Kumashov
  • "The Eighteenth Century and Science Fiction: A Symbiosis?" - by Donald M. Hassler
  • "On the role of the editor" - Science Fiction editorial team
  • "Nightwebs" - Keith Curtis


  • "Action - Reaction" - by Frank Bryning


  • John Bailey's The Moon Baby - review by Van Ikin
  • Keith Antill's Moon in the Ground - review by Van Ikin
  • Cherry Wilder's The Luck of Brin's Five- review by Van Ikin
  • Lee Harding's Displaced Person - review by Van Ikin
  • James Tiptree's Up the Walls of the World - review by Kohan Johnson

Cover art by

Michael Kumashov
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