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Volume 2, Number 3. Published 1980



  • "The definition of Love: Kurt Vonnegut's slapstick" - Russell Blackford
  • "'The Germ Growers (1892)' : An early Australian SF novel - Lucy Sussex
  • "A Xenograhical Postscript" - Terry Dowling on Jack Vance.
  • "Nightwebs" - Keith Curtis


  • "The Lucifer Override"  - James McQueen
  • "'The Cars': an extract from The Germ Growers" - Robert Potter


  • Transmutations edited by Rob Gerrard - review by Van Ikin
  • Edmund Cooper's Jupiter Laughs - review by Ron F. Tait
  • Frank Herbert's The Green Brain, Whipping Star and The Dosadi Experiment- review by Van Ikin
  • Frank Herbert and Bill Ransom's The Jesus Incident - review by Terry Dowling
  • Jack Vance's The Face - review by Terry Dowling

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Dane Ikin
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