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Volume 1, Number 3. Published December 1978


  • "George Turner: The Man, The Writer, The Critic" - Interview by Van Ikin


  • "The man with the off-white light sabre" - Terry Dowling
  • "The Art of Xenography: Jack Vance's 'General Culture' novels" - by Terry Dowling
  • A Vance Bestiary - drawings of Jack Vance beasts
  • "Nightwebs" - Keith Curtis


  • "Travel Service" - Peter Knox
  • "Suspect Donut" - Roland Toime


  • "I Used to Think in Lines that were Irregular to the Right" - Roger Zelazny
  • "The Doctrine of the Perfect Lies" - Roger Zelazny
  • "At the Edge of the Ebb" - Bob Beale


  • George Turner's Beloved Son - review by Van Ikin
  • 100 Great SF Short Stories - review by Ron F. Tait
  • Len Deighton's SS-GB - review by Ron F. Tait

Cover art by Geoff Pollard

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