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Volume 14, Number 2. Published 1997.

Author Web sites


  • "A New Ur-Story: An Interview with Dirk Strasser" - Interview by Van Ikin
  • "The Music of Fantasy: An Interview with Traci Harding" - Interview by Van Ikin
  • "From Troublesome Green to Ernie Pine: An Interview with Rick Kennett" - Interview by Van Ikin


  • "The Other in its Home: Aliens in Speculative Fiction" - G. Travis Regier


  • "The Dispossessed" - Caroline Flynn


  • Greg Egan's Diaspora - review by Russell Blackford
  • Sara Douglass's Sinner and Threshold - review by Marian Foster
  • Isobelle Carmody's Darkfall - review by Lucy Sussex
  • Anne Rice's Memnoch the Devil - review by Arthur Chilcott
  • Leanne Frahm's Borderline - review by Marianne de Courtenay
  • Shannah Jay's Envoy - review by Sylvia Kelso

Cover photo of
Traci Harding

(Photo by Terry Ludgate,
courtesy HarperCollins)


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