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Volume 14, Number 1. Published 1997.


  • "Collapsing the State Vectors: An Interview with Sean Williams" - Interview by Van Ikin


  • "Dark Star / Diamond Mask" - Sylvia Kelso
  • Peter Carey returns to SF - The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith
    • "Carey Goes Cybersurfing" - Marie Maclean
    • "Postmodernism vs Postcolonialism" - Elizabeth Hardy
  • "Visions - Women, Gender and SF" - discussed by Jean Webber.


  • "Riddley Walker" - Caroline Flynn


  • Sean Williams' Doorway to Eternity and Metal Fatigue - reviews by Russell Blackford
  • Tess Williams' Map of Power and Sean Williams' Metal Fatigue - reviews by Peter McNamara
  • Linda Jaivin's Rock'n'Roll Babes from Outer Space- review by Tess Williams
  • Janny Wurts' That way lies Camelot - review by Rob Stuart
  • David Gemmell's Dark Moon - review by Rob Stuart
  • Anne McCaffrey's Red Star Rising - review by Marian Foster
  • Barbara Hambly's Travelling with the Dead - review by Sylvia Kelso
  • Jonathan Carroll's The Panic Hand and John Shirley's The Exploded Heart - review by Stephen Dedman
  • PC Game: Discworld 2: Missing Presumed...!? - review by Richard Morton
  • Sara Douglass' BattleAxe and Enchanter - reviewed by Tess Williams

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Sean Williams

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