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Volume 13, Number 2. Published 1996.


  • "A Universe from the Kitchen Table: An Interview with Beverley MacDonald" - Interview by Van Ikin
  • "A Neat Interview with Howard" - Interview by Russell B. Farr


  • "Hyperion: Notes on Structure and Literary Antecedent" - Michael J. Mitchell
  • "Language and Loss in Stanley Wienbaum's A Martian Odyssey" - Barbara Bengels


  • Greg Egan's Distress - review by Richard Harland
  • Greg Egan's Distress - review by Russell Blackford
  • Naomi Mitchison's Solution Three - review by Helen Merrick
  • Barbara Hambly's Dark Hand of Magic - review by Yvonne Rousseau
  • Darryl Caine's Cravenghast - review by Stephen Dedman
  • Sara Douglass' BattleAxe and Enchanter - review by Tess Williams

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Beverley MacDonald

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